Apres Ski

The two main bars in Puy St Vincent 1600 are Au Petit Chamois (little deer) and Le Tire Bouchon (corkscrew). Both are very friendly and are not overly expensive. The Petit Chamois also acts as the meeting place for the British skiers who come with the tour operator Snowbizz. Lunch time meals here are really excellent (see picture below) and are great value for money. There are two bars on the mountain itself - the Altitude Restaurant at 2000 meters is a great stopping off place for lunch, sunbathing or mid morning coffee. It tends to get a bit cold in the afternoon. The other mountain bar opened during the 2003-4 season and is a large log cabin that serves excellent food and the hot chocolate is superb.

There are quite a few really good restaurants around the village. The food in all restaurants is excellent and typically French with fondues (cheese, meat or chocolate), raclettes (potatoes, cold meats and cooked cheese), pirades (cook your own meat with a variety of sauces, salads and cold meat), tartiflette (potatoes, onions, reblouchon and bacon baked in a pizza oven and served with crusty bread and wine). Particular favourites are Au Petit Chamois, immediately below the apartment where you will receive excellent service from Ben and Chef Alex. Also La Goulue (named after a painting by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec) which is the last restaurant you come to as you go down the slopes.

Night Club
There is a night club - Tamara - for those who still have enough energy after a full days skiing.

Skidoos Rides
Skidoos depart from the village throughout the evening as soon as the sun goes down. They are well worth a trip either as a driver or as a passenger. You must pre book during busy times.

Husky Rides
Each evening the husky rides depart from the village. It is good to watch but even better to have a ride! You must pre book during busy times.

Sunbathing at Altitude Restaurant

Altitude Restaurant Bar

Husky Rides

Skidoos for hire
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